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Healthy lunch snack. Three tortilla wraps with grilled chicken fillet and fresh vegetables

Innovative School-centric Products

We understand the importance of serving nutritious and appealing meals to children. That's why we've developed a range of innovative meat products tailored to the unique tastes and nutritional needs of school-goers. Our specialist team create products that are not only wholesome but also exciting for young palates.

Beef and pasta

Solving School

Caterers' Challenges

Designing meals that are both cost-effective and compliant with school standards, while also being loved by kids, can be a complex task. Our specialised products are crafted to address these very challenges.

Counting money


Our products are meticulously designed with efficiency in min, enabling you to create delicious meals within a tight budget.

Four checkmarks on white cubes

School Standards Compliant

Ensuring our products adhere to the strictest school food standards is our priority. But we go a step further = the majority of our products are completely allergen-free, providing a safe and inclusive dining experience for students with allergies.



Captivating the taste buds of young students is paramount. Our products are not only nutritionally sound but also irresistibly delicious for young palates.

Grilled chicken breast

Portion Controlled

We recognise the importance of portion control for caterers. Our products are portioned with precision, allowing you to manage servings effectively and minimise waste.

Woman chef


Across Kitchens

Every school kitchen has its own unique set up and staff with varying skill levels. We craft our products to ensure that cooks of varying expertise can produce the same delightful dishes.

Explore Our Range


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