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Chicken & Sweetcorn Meatball

Year after year, our Chicken and Sweetcorn Meatballs maintain their status as a cherished favourite in school kitchens.

At the heart of our Chicken and Sweetcorn Meatballs is their unwavering appeal to children. We've designed these meatballs to be tender and easy to chew, addressing the unique needs of young palates. Whether you're cooking for a small classroom or a bustling cafeteria, you'll appreciate their reliability – they're robust enough to withstand large-scale cooking while retaining their flavour and texture.

What sets our meatballs apart is the infusion of sweetcorn - not only enhancing their flavour but also introducing a subtle touch of natural sweetness that children find irresistible.

They can be served as a hassle-free standalone meal or incorporated into a rich tomato sauce for a tasty twist on classic spaghetti and meatballs.

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