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Turkey & Veg Meatloaf

Turkey and Veg Meatloaf, a healthier, kid-friendly twist on a classic favorite.

We understand the negative connotations often associated with "meatloaf," but our version defies expectations.

Made with lean ground turkey, a touch of chicken for succulence and a generous portion of hidden veggies, it's a nutritious powerhouse. What sets it apart is its tender, juicy texture and its kid-approved, homestyle flavor. Versatile and easy to serve, it pairs perfectly with various sides for balanced meals. Say goodbye to meatloaf stereotypes and introduce your students to a delicious, wholesome option that's rewriting the "meatloaf" story. Give it a try, and watch it become a menu favorite.

Key facts

  • Red tractor as standard

  • Allergen-free

  • Available in a halal version

  • Cook directly from frozen

  • Customisable, chose your own meat, flavour profile and veggies

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